Tata Tiago


Tata Tiago- Cheapest safe car of India
Tata Tiago- Cheapest safe car of India

Tata Tiago launched in India in 2016, is not only a just a small hatchback but also India's most affordable safe car with 4 star safety rating in GNCAP, which means it is not only good as a city but also good for your long trips without you being worried about the safety of you and your family. So what India's most affordable safe car has to offer other than the being safe and what it lacks is what we are here to discuss in the form of pros and cons of buying a Tata Tiago.

PROS of Tata Tiago

  1. Safety(as mentioned above)

  2. Best in class music system with 4 speakers and 4 tweeters(produces high pitched sounds and improves overall quality of music) JBL sound system.

  3. Everlasting looks - Because this car does not look something out of the box but this type of plain and sober looks is what makes this car pleasing to the eyes even after 5 or 10 years down the line just like VW Polo.

  4. Comfortable seats.

  5. Suspension system in this car is very good as it not only absorbs all the bumps and potholes but also is stiff enough to provide good confidence at highway speeds

  6. Handling- It is not a sports car but the steering feedback is precise so you get a lot of confidence while driving this car on curvy roads

CONS of Tata Tiago

  1. NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) levels in the car is not as well controlled as compared to it's competitors, although with BS6 phase 2 norms, Tata has improved the refinement of the it's engines but still it is tough to reach the levels of Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai but still it is not a deal breaker.

  2. The touchscreen infotainment system although is good own it's own but feels a little slow to respond when compared to some competitors of it's price. Again it is not a deal breaker.

  3. What might be a deal breaker for some people is the fact that it is not a wide car, so seating three adults at the back seat might be problem.

So who should buy it?

  1. It is a great first car whether you a bachelor or have a small family.

  2. Someone looking to buy a secondary car which is cheap to run, as it is available in CNG option also.

  3. Someone looking to buy a car for for it's spouse or for there kids to go to college.

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