Must have features to look for in a new car


Skoda Slavia
Skoda Slavia

With the increasing demand of cars in the Indian car market, here are some of the features that you deserve as a buyer of your next new car.

  1. Safety - As a buyer one must expect not only the presence of safety features but also a strong build quality and a good safety rating from GNCAP(at least 4 stars) so that the new car we buy must be safe for us and our family in case of an accident. To check the GNCAP rating checkout there site ( In case the car you are looking for has not yet been crash tested you can look for the crash test results of other cars launched by the same company as the company who prioritize safety of it's customers is less likely to make an unsafe car.

  2. Infotainment System - A good and fuild touchscreen infotainment system with reverse parking camera and android/ apple car play is necessary in this modern day and age along with a decent sounding speaker system.

  3. Rear defogger - Although I was not considering to add this point in my list but it came to notice that some companies are not giving this basic and absolutely necessary feature in the lower variants of there cars and people also forget to check this feature before buying as it is so basic that it never cross our mind.

  4. Ventilated seats- Although it is somewhat of a luxury feature but if you are looking to buy a car which has this feature in there upper variant then you should better go for that variant as it will definitely be very useful in the hot climate of India. This feature is so useful that I would go for ventilated seats over sunroof which is trending but of limited use in India.

  5. Comfortable seats - You can't even justify the importance of having comfortable seats in your car but sadly you can't just check the comfort level of the seats in a few minutes of test drive, so a better way of checking the comfort of seats is to try to communicate with the people who have already bought the vehicle about the comfort levels and any issues of concern with the vehicle.