MG comet EV


MG Comet EV
MG Comet EV

This cute little car is the latest offering of MG in the India car market, launched on 26th April 2023, it has created quite a buzz on social media because of the looks. So without mentioning the boring stats of it's dimensions and other stuff, I would like to discuss what are the pros and cons of the car and what set of buyers should check it out.

PROS of MG Comet EV

  1. Because of it's small dimensions it is easy to maneuver in the city traffic giving you a sense of freedom in the city which you can't feel with the big bulky SUV.

  2. Whether you like it's looks or hate it you just can't ignore it and because of it despite of it's small proportions it has an amazing road presence and people can't take there eyes of it. So if you are someone who wants to stand out of crowd with a quirky EV then you should definitely check this car out.

  3. As this is an EV it will be light on your pocket and it is the cheapest EV in the market. Although it's claimed range is 230 km but I suspect that the real life range will be around 140-160Km which is quite sufficient as a city car.

  4. Interiors of this car are of good quality and sitting in this car will make you feel that you are sitting in a small luxurious car with all the latest features and a smooth infotainment system.

CONS of MG Comet EV

  1. Because of the small 12 inch tyres the bumps and potholes on the road are easily felt in the cabin.

  2. Although this car has not been crash tested by GNCAP yet, but on the road you feel vulnerable to the traffic and bigger cars around you.

  3. Space at rear seats is less and is best only for kids or small adults and if you are 4 people travelling then there is next to none space in the boot for luggage.

  4. Lack of fast charger makes it somewhat less practical.

So who should buy it?

  1. People who are looking to buy a secondary car to travel locally or to and fro from home to office.

  2. People looking to buy an easy to drive car for there spouse or for there kid for going to college.

  3. For those who travel more than 50km a day in the city, as it will save them a lot of fuel money.