Jimny Vs Thar



In my opinion Mahindra Thar is better in terms of power and mechanically overall but in terms of sitting 4 people it is less practical so you should only choose this vehicle if you travel 2 people or you can buy it as a secondary vehicle. But if you want a single car to do it all in terms whether it be travelling with family or using it as your only car I would suggest you to go for Maruti Suzuki Jimny as because of the sole reason of easier ingress and egress and especially if you have elderly people in your family.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny

Mahindra Thar


Length(mm)- 3985

Width(mm)- 1645

Height(mm)- 1720


Ground clearance(mm)- 210

2.It comes in only one engine option i.e. a 1.5 liter engine producing 103bhp and 134.2Nm torque. It has significantly less power than Thar.

3.Gearbox- 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic.

4.Price- Starts from12.74 lakh ex-showroom to 15.05 lakh ex-showroom. All variants are 4x4.

5.Top model petrol automatic price 15.05 lakh ex-showroom.

6.It can sit 4 people with ease as it has more wheelbase because of 5 doors.

7.As it is a narrow vehicle it is more maneuverable and easier to park in tight spaces.

8.Has headlight washers with can be very helpful in offroad situation.

9.It comes with 6 airbags but hasn't been crash tested by GNCAP but as it is has different platform than other Suzuki cars we can expect it to perform well in crash test.

10. Approach angle- 36 degree, Departure angle- 45 degree, Ramp over angle- 24 degree (more the angle better for offroad).

11.NVH levels are not as good as Mahindra Thar.

12.Lacks seat height adjustment.

13.Front row seats are not that comfortable especially for wide people.

14.Service and maintenance cost is less.

15.Has reverse parking camera.

Suzuki Jimny 5 door
Suzuki Jimny 5 door
Mahindra Thar
Mahindra Thar


Length(mm)- 3985

Width(mm)- 1820

Height(mm)- 1844


Ground clearance(mm)- 226

2.It comes with both petrol and diesel engines. A petrol 2 liter engine producing 150bhp and 320Nm of torque and a 2.2 liter diesel engine producing 130bhp and 300Nm of torque.

3.Gearbox- 6 speed manual and 6 speed torque converter.

4.Price- Starts from 10.55 lakh ex-showroom to 13.87 lakh ex-showroom for the RWD variants and for 4x4 variants prices start from 13.87 lakh ex-showroom to 16.77 lakh ex-showroom.

5. Top model petrol automatic price 16.10 lakh ex-showroom which is 1.05 lakh expensive than Jimny.

6.It can also sit 4 people but ingress and egress from rear seat is difficult.

7.It is a wider vehicle hence it is less maneuverable and difficult to park in tight spaces.

8.Don't have headlight washers.

9.It comes with only 2 airbags but has received 4 stars in GNCAP for both both adults and children.

10.Approach angle- 41 degree, Departure angle- 36 degree, Ramp over angle- 26 degree.

11.NVH (Noise, vibration and harshness) levels are better.

12.Has seat height adjustment for better driving position.

13.Has comfortable front row seats.

14.Service and maintenance cost is comparatively higher.

15.Does not get reverse parking camera (you can get it as an accessory).